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I thought I would start this thread by way of trying to encourage those who have never been out on a Club Run before and maybe feel slightly hesitant about giving it a go.
So if you have been doing some cycling and enjoying it and maybe like the idea of taking it to the next level, then this is pitched at you! We have members of all ages- some of our strongest riders are over 60 (but they are retired with nothing better to do!)

Now I guess you have maybe driven or cycled by the rugby club on a Saturday and Sunday morning. Perhaps you live outside of Portadown and have seen other Clubs. You have maybe glanced across at the assembling crowd of cyclists with their gleaming bikes and bright lycra and thought to yourself….. They are real animals. They are really tough, hard quality bike riders and I could never keep up with them. My bike wouldn’t be good enough and I wouldn’t be good enough. ???

If that is what you think then you are so, so wrong because the reality is that some of them could hardly ride the bike out of your road. Look closely at the lycra and you will notice that there are shorts stretched to breaking point. Yes some of the bikes are the latest pieces of kit but that doesn’t mean the persons riding them are! ;) We have leisure cyclists through to racers and everything in between.

If you have a road worthy racing bike, a helmet and can handle 30 to 40 miles on your own then you are good to go. You will also need a spare tube, tyre levers, a pump and if you don’t have quick release wheels, a spanner in case you get a puncture. It’s also good to bring something to snack on like a bar of chocolate. Bring a few pounds in case there is a coffee stop or maybe you just need more to eat. Make sure you have a water bottle with you.

Despite what you may read you will find a friendly welcome! Most cyclists no matter what the Club are nice people. Some may be grumpier than others especially when they are suffering, but overall they look out for each other. If until now you have been riding on your own you may find riding in group a little intimidating? If this is the case please check out the following link –

So you are all geared up and ready to go. What happens once you make the step and turn up for a Club Run? Well hopefully someone will notice you and guide you towards a suitable group. If no one catches your eye don’t be afraid to say that this is your first run. You will be looked after.

Once you are on the road you will hopefully be introduced to a new world. You will be amazed at how social Club Cycling is. In no time you will find yourself chatting to the person next to you. You will meet people from all walks of life and find in time a great sense of camaraderie. You will be taken along roads and see landscapes (and hills! :P) that you never knew existed. You will be amazed at how fast you can move along in a group. You will see the colours of the seasons change in a way you never noticed before and hopefully you will see your fitness and speed improve.

Each Club run is a mini adventure. Some can even be quite epic. All of them are great fun and best of all, when you get home you will be able to savour that wonderful post Club Run feeling. Lying totally body bagged on the sofa. Completely chilled and stress free. Eating that packet of chocolate digestives absolutely without guilt …………… Heaven!
So all you need to do is turn up on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Give yourself a couple of weeks and hopefully….. you will be hooked! ;D


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